Useful Expressions: Saying somebody is correct

  1. Yes, that’s right.
  2. You’re quite right.
  3. Yes, that’s correct.
  4. That’s spot on.
  5. You’re dead right (there).
  6. Absolutely.
  7. You’ve hit the nail on the head.
  8. You could say so.
  9. I’m afraid so.
  10. (I’m) sorry to say so.

Useful Expressions: Showing Concern

  1. What’s the matter?
  2. Are you alright?
  3. What’s getting you down?
  4. What’s up (with you)?
  5. Why the long face?
  6. You look a bit down.
  7. Is there anything I can do to help?
  8. Do you need a shoulder to cry on?
  9. You look like you could do with a drink.
  10. Oh you poor thing !

10 interesting facts about English!

1. The most common letter in English is “e”.

2. The most common vowel in English in “e”.

3. The most common consonant in English is “r”.

4. More English words begin with the letter “s” than with any other letter.

5. The longest English word without a true vowel (a, e, i, o or u) is “rhythm”.

6. The shortest complete sentence in English is “I am.”. 

7. Only two English words in current use end in “-gry”. They are “angry” and “hungry”.

8. There are only 4 English words in common use ending in “-dous”: hazardous, horrendous, stupendous, and tremendous.

9.  The following sentence contains all 26 letters of alphabet: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.

10.  The dot over the letter “i” and the letter “j” is called a “superscript dot”.