So…something about me…first of all I am a human being…blonde but a human being 🙂 I’m not perfect. I may burst ou laughing in the middle of nowhere over something that happened yesterday 🙂

I’m a sister, I’m a best friend and I’m a cook. I am Me and I’m the hardest thing to describe 🙂 I enjoy  traveling, nature and sports like shopping, sleeping, watching TV, paying computer games…. just jocking:)

I spend my days working as a translator, but evenings and weekends are largely spent enjoying DIY projects, crafting and sewing 🙂 Looks too much for a blonde 🙂 but that’s just me 🙂

One thought on “About

  1. Marc

    I stubbled on your blog after a google research on “Farm animal vocabulary” or something like that.. I really like the visual dictionnary pictures you mustered. So I’d like to thank you! 🙂
    Sure it’s hard to describe yourself, though you didn’t tell where you’re from, and why do you do this blog, maybe I’m nosy but your blog warmed me up so I’m just curious of your motiviation and as I assume you’re an ESL student so I’m also curious of your mother tongue.
    It’d be fair if I do the same so let’s begin, I’m from France, and I’m an ESL learner of 33. I’m a keen on learning English, I use it for my own pleasure, I read a lot of novel in original version, and also for business, since I’m working in an international company.

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