1. courtroom – the place where a crime is judged

2. trial – the process of being judged in a court

3.  jury – a group  of people who judge a court case

4. jury box – the place where the members of the jury sit

5. court reporter – sb. whose job is to write notes of what is said at a trial

6. judge – sb. whose job is to make decisions in a court of law

7. wig – artificial hair that you wear on your head

8. (judge’s) bench – the place where the judge sits

9. witness – sb. who sees a crime or accident happen

10. witness stand – the place where the witness sits

11. evidence – sth. that helps to prove whether sb. has committed a crime

12. defence lawyer(BrEng)/defense lawyer (AmEng) – sb. who represents a person accused of a crime

13. defendant, accused – sb. who has been accused of a crime and is on trial

14. usher – sb. whose job is to allow people to enter or leave a court of law

15. public, gallery – the people who watch a trial

16. press – journalists who write about a trial

17. claimant (BrEng)/plaintiff (AmEng) – sb. who makes a formal complaint against sb. in court

18. prosecutor – a lawyer whose job is to prove that sb. has committed a crime

19. security officer(BrEng)/bailiff (AmEng) – an official who keeps order in court

20. clerk of the court – an official in charge of the records of a court

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