Cohesion: linking words and phrases

Before starting to write something make sure you read this article 🙂 Here is a very helpful list of linking words and phrases that can help you write a coherent text.  Also, please make sure you fully understand their meaning before using them into your text as they can change completely the meaning of your text 🙂 As a tip, I would recommend you to use a variety of expressions, particularly in longer pieces of writing.

Listing: first, second, furthermore, finally, to begin, to conclude, next, etc.

Giving examples: for example, for instance, as follows, that is, in this case, namely, in other words, etc.

Generalizing: in general, generally, on the whole, as a rule, for the most part, in most cases, usually, etc.

Reinforcement: also, furthermore, moreover, what is more, in addition, besides, above all, as well (as), in the same way,not only…but also, etc.

Result/consequence: so, therefore, as a result/consequence, accordingly, consequently, because of this/that, thus, hence, for this/that reason, so that, in that case, under these circumstances, etc.

Highlighting: in particular, particularly, especially, mainly, etc.

Reformulation: in other words, rather, to put it more simply, etc.

Similarity: equally, likewise, similarity, correspondingly, in the same way, etc.

Expressing an alternative: alternatively, rather, on the other hand, the alternative is, another possibility would be, etc.

Deduction: then, in other words, in that case, otherwise, this implies that…, if so/not, etc.

Transition to new point: now, as far as x is concerned, with regard/reference to, as for…, it follows that, turning to, etc.

Contrast: instead, conversely, on the contrary,  in contrast, in comparison, etc.

Summary: in conclusion, to conclude, in brief, to summarize, overall, therefore, etc.

Starting the obvious: obviously, clearly, naturally, of course,as can be expected, surely, after all, etc.

Concession (something expected): however, even though, however much, nevertheless, still, yet, etc.

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