Business abbreviations

a/c (BE)
acct. (AE)
attn. (for the) attention (of)
B/E bill of exchange
B/L bill of lading
cc carbon copy
cf. compare
cfr. cost and freight
cif cost, insurance, freight
cip carriage and insurance paid to
C/N credit note
c/o care of
cod cash on delivery
Corp. Corporation
cpt carriage paid to
cwo cash with order
D/A documents against acceptance
DDP delivery duty paid
DN debit note
D/P documents against payment
enc(s) enclosure(s)
EXW ex works
FOB free on board
for free on rail
Inc Incorporated (US)
L/C letter of credit
Ltd limited
p&p postage and packing
p.p. (lat.: per procurationem) on behalf of
pto please turn over
re with reference to, regarding
RRP recommended retail price
SAE stamped addresses envelope
VAT Value Added Tax
ZIP (code)

zone of improved delivery (US)

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