Abbreviations used in letter writing

Here are some widely used abbreviations in letter writing:

  • asap – as soon as possible
  • cc – carbon copy (when you send a copy of a letter to more than one person, you use this abbreviation to let them know)
  • enc. – enclosure (when you include other papers with your letter)
  • pp – per procurationem (a Latin phrase meaning that you are signing the letter on somebody else’s behalf; if they are not there to sign it themselves, etc.)
  • PS – postscript (when you want to add something after you’ve finished and signed it)
  • pto (informal) – please turn over (to make sure that the other person knows the letter continues on the other side of the page)\
  • RSVP – please reply
  • f.i.o. – for your information only (to show that it is being sent to someone in order to give them information, and they are not expected to reply or take any action)